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How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL: Easy Steps for Better Branding

Learn to find and personalize your LinkedIn URL for enhanced online presence. Our guide covers easy steps for both personal and company profiles, highlighting the importance of a custom URL for improved LinkedIn visibility.

    What is a LinkedIn URL?

    A LinkedIn URL also referred to as a LinkedIn address is the web address that leads directly to an individuals or a companys profile, on the LinkedIn platform. It serves as an identifier. Typically consists of the platforms web domain followed by a slash and a string of characters that may include the persons name or the companys name. This URL can be customized to replace the default combination of numbers and letters assigned by LinkedIn with a professional looking web address. By personalizing their URL users make it easier for others to discover and connect with them thereby enhancing their networking capabilities and professional online presence.

    How to Find Your LinkedIn Profile Address Without Numbers: A Guide to Your LinkedIn Username

    To locate your customized LinkedIn profile URL without numerical sequences and identify your LinkedIn username follow these steps:

    Accessing Your LinkedIn Profile URL

    The easiest way to find your LinkedIn URL is by clicking on the "Me" icon located next to your profile picture at the top of the LinkedIn homepage. From there select your username from the menu. This action will direct your browser straight, to your LinkedIn profile page.

    Finding Your LinkedIn Profile Link

    When you visit your profile, on LinkedIn the web address displayed in your browsers address bar is your LinkedIn profile link. This is the link you can share with others.

    Configuring Your LinkedIn URL

    To locate your URL options within your profile settings go to your profile page. Look for the "Edit Public Profile & URL" option on the side. Clicking on it will take you to a page where you can customize your profile details.

    Personalizing Your LinkedIn Web Address

    Next to the editing options, for your profile there is a section called "Edit your custom URL." This is where you can view and modify your LinkedIn web address to make it more personalized and memorable.

    Changing and Customizing Your LinkedIn Link

    Once you have found your LinkedIn profile link changing it is a process. If you are using the method mentioned earlier to find your link then customizing it is one step away. Initially LinkedIn assigns a default URL that may not be user friendly. You can modify it by:

    1. Visiting your LinkedIn profile.
    2. Selecting "Edit Public Profile and URL."
    3. To customize your LinkedIn URL go to the "Edit your custom URL" section. Click on the edit icon, which looks like a pencil. Then enter the URL you desire.

    Keep in mind that LinkedIn doesn't allow spaces or special characters, in custom URLs. Additionally your chosen URL should be unique. Consist of 3 to 100 characters.

    Here's a suggestion: Opt for a custom URL that includes your last name, such as "john doe" or "jane smith." This format not makes it easier to remember. Also helps recruiters or potential clients find your profile effortlessly. Having an professional URL adds credibility. Leaves a strong initial impression.

    If you want to customize your companys LinkedIn page URL follow these steps:

    1. Go to your companys admin page.

    2. Click on "Admin Tools " then select "Edit Public URL."

    3. In the pop up window that appears you can make changes, to the URL as desired.

    By following these instructions you'll be able to personalize both personal and company LinkedIn URLsHaving an concise URL that includes your companys name is not helpful for users to find your page easily but it also boosts your visibility, in search results, which is beneficial for your inbound marketing efforts.

    Sharing Your LinkedIn Profile with an URL

    Now that you know about LinkedIn URLs it's important to keep in mind that while you can share your profile to expand your network there are limits on invitations imposed by LinkedIn. Customizing your URL is a move to enhance your branding and increase visibility, on the platform. Additionally if you want a streamlined presentation you might consider using a URL shortening service to create a shorter version of your LinkedIn link.

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