Stay up-to-date with the progress of your target account

Optimizing your territory segmentation enables you to define realistic and achievable sales goals, anticipate changes, and cover your sales territory for optimal results.

Take advantage of buying signals momentum

Humanlinker will send you alerts in real-time on important changes regarding your key targets, including exciting news, mass hiring, new fundraising, and activity on your accounts.

Humanlinker allows you to always be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Efficiently personalize interactions at scale

Streamline your outreach and boost reply rates with impactful personalized emails and LinkedIn messages. Our solution is 40x faster and 6x cheaper, saving your time and resources and freeing you from manual research.

Begin every interaction with assurance

Discover the inherent personality traits of your prospects and receive instant recommendations on how to effectively communicate, establish trust, and negotiate with them.

What can Humanlinker do for your team?

For Prospecting
Book more meetings by using our powerful personalisation assistant to create the most tailored approach in seconds!
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For Selling
Make a bigger impact in every meeting and shorten your sales cycle with our AI personalisation assistant that helps you prepare for every meeting like a Top Gun rep in seconds.
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Connected to your favorite tools

All your sales teams are committed to working seamlessly and aligning towards your ultimate goal. Their unwavering efficiency is key to growing revenue.
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