After raising 2,5m€ in April 2022, Humanlinker just acquired MyProfilia and launch his news chrome extension. 🎉🚀
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After raising 2,5m€ in April 2022, Humanlinker just acquired MyProfilia and launch his news chrome extension. 🎉🚀
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Spend more time closing deals, less time prospecting

Effortlessly identify all relevant information about your prospects, including their job roles, motivations, and interests, to kickstart engaging conversations from the very first interaction.

Top sales teams are taking their
prospecting to the next level

dashboard chrome extension - personality analysis

Discover your prospects with cutting edge personality analysis

Understand the appropriate words, phrases, style, and tone to use or avoid when pitching to different personality types. Get access to complete information about your prospect.

Using Humanlinker has helped me be more efficient in my email writing. The Hulmanlinker team are also worth following as they always have relevant and helpful content.
Debi P.

Get access in one click to powerful Icebreakers generated by AI

Boost your response rates by personalizing your interactions with prospects. Humanlinker aggregates necessary information and suggests custom icebreakers for each lead, making personalisation effortless.

Humanlinker is easy to implement, exceptionally intuitive, and fun to use!
Megan A.
dashboard chrome extension - icebreakers
dashboard chrome extension - people and company data

Instant Access to People and Company Data

Obtain verified contact information of prospects along with their latest news and posts from LinkedIn, and leverage Humanlinker's capabilities to identify new target accounts from anywhere.

It is still the best tool for looking the vital Informations abut a prospect or a company, for example who is in the charge and how they do Financially.
Mika J.

Ready to boost your sales
meeting rate by x10?

Who is Humanlinker
do for your team?

All your sales teams are committed to working seamlessly and aligning towards your ultimate goal of growing revenue with unwavering efficiency.

For Prospecting

Book more meetings by using our powerful personalisation assistant to create the most tailored approach in seconds!

For Selling

Make a bigger impact in every meeting and shorten your sales cycle with our AI personalisation assistant that helps you prepare for every meeting like a Top Gun rep in seconds.

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