After raising 2.5m‚ā¨ in April 2022, Humanlinker just acquired MyProfilia and launched its news Chrome extension. ūüéČūüöĬ†Read more about it here

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more sales opportunities opened
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How Humanlinker works

Supercharge your pipeline & close more deals. Humanlinker is not just another sales tool, it's your AI-Sales Assistant to help you make the difference in this competitive world.

AI GENERATIVE copywriting

Personalized sales copywriting at your fingertips.

Engage in seconds with the highest level of personalization through our hyper-contextualized sales copywriting, featuring icebreakers and AI generated comments for LinkedIn.
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AI Generative Copywriting Humanlinker

DISC Personality Analysis

Understand your prospects with DISC Personality Analysis

Discover the inherent personality traits of your prospects and receive instant recommendations on how to effectively communicate, establish trust, and negotiate with them.
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Dashboard from Humanlinker, we see DISC and do&dont

AI Sales Assitant

Elevate sales efficiency with our AI Sales Assistant

Eliminate uncertainty about your buyers' interests, seamlessly integrating them into your sales tools.
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Ai sales assistant Humanlinker
Humanlinker personalization

Book more meetings with hyper-personalization

Maximize your outreach efforts by being visible to your prospects, creating memorable first impressions, and driving more meeting bookings.
Personalize emails in seconds
Our AI swiftly researches contacts and crafts tailored emails, ensuring your prospects are always impressed.
Get more replies at scale.
Humanlinker helps you create hyper personalized messages that get delivered and replied to.
hyper-personalization Humanlinker
Date Buying Signals Humanlinker
Humanlinker data

Stand out in every deal with access to strategic data

Say goodbye to endless hours of hunting for prospect details, verifying emails. Humanlinker does the hard work for you.
Data Sources & Business profiles
We crawls multiple sources to extract relevant content, including social news, interviews, and podcast appearances.
Automate alerts and checks
Stay on top of updates with automatic alerts, so you don't get overwhelmed by the amount of information available.

Get more positive replies and book
‚Äćmore meetings

Be part of the new revolution : AI & Personalization
Prospect with Humanlinker.

Quality vs Quantity

The eternal debate between quantity and quality is now over
With Humanlinker, you can have both! Our solution will leave you and your prospect feeling good.

Send 100% tailored AI Sequences to your targets in one click!

AI Sequences Humanlinker
Scale your outreach campaigns with unlimited AI Copywriting & Sequences.

Personalize Interactions in Seconds

Boost your impact by ensuring every message resonates with your prospects.
Asset from Humamlinker AI Generative, exemple of an email template
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humanlinker Integration

Connected to your favorite tools

All your sales teams are committed to working seamlessly and aligning towards your ultimate goal of growing revenue with unwavering efficiency.

Hear it from our customers

"A must have for successful meetings"
"With Humanlinker, I prepare my meetings in less than 1 minute, understanding my prospect's personality analysis but also by getting all the News concerning his company"
Anthony Fournier Photo
Anthony Fournier
Lead National Account Manager at INDEED
"Powerful prospecting messages"
"Humanlinker allows us to accelerate the personalization of messages sent to our prospects, making our content more relevant and illustrating the value of our solution to our customers".
Pierre Maillot Picture
Pierre Maillot
VP Business Development at HEEX
"Humanlinker has revolutionized our approach"
"Humanlinker has revolutionized our approach by making our interactions more informed, personalized and assertive. We anticipate the best approach to contact someone, get a clear view of their expertise and identify the data that will interest them. We save time, we gain information. I recommend it 100%".
Alice Didier Photo
Alice Didier
Country Manager at INBOUNDCYCLE
"You're revolutionizing the sales profession"
"I was looking for a tool that would allow me to personalize my sales approaches while saving me time. I tested their free version and quickly got hooked, the solution is top notch. Humanlinker generates icebreakers and cold e-mails for me, and gives me around twenty tips on how to prospect. I'm really impressed."
Julien Rassinier Business Developer
Julien Rassinier
Business Developer at FLINT
"Prospecting Reinvented!"
"With Humanlinker, I can generate customized messages for my prospects in a matter of seconds. CRM integration and personality analysis have transformed my sales strategy. A must-have!"
Camille Mathis :CEO Fondateur
Camille Mathis
CEO at
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