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Since the beginning of its journey, Humanlinker has raised more than $3,5M with VC firms & prestigious business angels.
We also have significant support from BPI France and banks.

our vc
Benjamin Zerbib
Investment Director
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Matthieu Ruatti
@founders ventures
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Pascal Colin
Entrepreneur, ex-GM & VP EU
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Christophe Aulnette x Humanlinker
Christophe Aulnette
@Microsoft & Altran
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Jean-Christophe Ramos Galver
Founding partner
@founders ventures
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Yvan-Michel Ehkirch
managing partner
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Jonathan Benhamou
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Clément Buyse
EX founder
@people doc
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Frédéric K-Johnson
gm & vp sales emea latam
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Ludovic Leve
VP Sales & General manager
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Benjamin Magnard
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Stan Coignard
ex us CEO
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Vincent Gonnot
Revenue VP
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Sebastien Imbert
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Xavier Sourceau
Acting CRO
@Veolia & Sia Partners
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Jonathan Lumbroso
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Christophe Chol
Ex cso
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Benoit Champliaud
ex CEO
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Annabelle Daniel
ex Managing Director
@Solocal Group
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Christophe Famechon
EX customer service director
@Fnac & Darty
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Enzo Colucci
Sales Coach
@Enzo Colucci Coaching
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Our advisors
Christophe Aulnette x Humanlinker
Christophe Aulenette
Revenue Advisor
Christophe has a 35 years of professional experience in the tech industry in leadership positions in Europe & Southern Asia.Successfully managed as CEO major tech companiessuch as : Investor in many tech start-ups around the world and board member or senior advisor in many large corporations & VC - PE Funds.
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Pascal Colin
Partnership Advisor
Pascal has over 30 years of experience in technology. After having been VP Development of various large groups, he managed as CEO Opentrust (European leader of trust services & e-signature) before the company was acquired by the US world leader DocuSign. He ensured the growth of DocuSign in EMEA as General Manager and VP Sales and lived through the IPO. He is now a BA and LP investor in innovative funds such as Breega.
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Emmanuelle Benoliel
Marketing Advisor
Emmanuelle has 17 years of professional experience as CMO in successful software companies (Salesforce, Tableau Software)

Few months ago she wall the Global CMO at Aircall, a SaaS-VoIP Provider for sales and support teams
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