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What is LinkedIn?

Discover LinkedIn 2023: the professional digital hub for networking, job search and B2B lead generation. Elevate your career!

    Let's start by talking about LinkedIn:

    LinkedIn is a social network geared towards the professional world.

    It's designed for entrepreneurs, employees, recruiters and people looking for internships or jobs in every possible field. The main idea behind LinkedIn is to enable users to make themselves known in a professional, not personal, world.

    LinkedIn is also ideal for expanding your network to find new collaborators, clients or even a new job (to help you do this, it's ideal to have an optimized profile, so we redirect you to our article that will teach you& how to have the best profile in 2023).

    The way LinkedIn works is that you create a profile, in which you're encouraged to include as much information as possible. You can share content (publications, articles, videos) directly from the platform. LinkedIn also offers a system of "likes", comments and shares to facilitate interaction between members. Of course, the more active you are, the more visible you are! (sounds a lot like facebook)

    LinkedIn also offers groups covering various topics, as well as hashtags that you can follow to keep up to date quickly on the latest content published on specific subjects (super handy and helps you be more visible).

    Why is having a profile on LinkedIn important?

    First of all, having a LinkedIn profile isn't compulsory, but it does give you an idea of who you are in the professional sphere and allows you to track your experience.

    As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a social network where you can make valuable connections with people in your field of expertise and even find a job. Whether you're a candidate looking for your next opportunity or a recruiter looking to make job offers, LinkedIn is the place to be.

    But there's more to LinkedIn than that. It's a fantastic platform for professionals looking to promote their products or services.

    LinkedIn is free?

    Well, yes and no, if you're just coming to do the equivalent of what you do on Facebook, it's free. Without paying, you'll be able to network, publish content, take part in lives etc., but certain features are not free.

    How and why use LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is often used for a variety of reasons:

    • Find a job,
    • Boost your professional career,
    • Find sponsors or investors for a project,
    • Find customers for a company,
    • Find candidates as a human resources manager or recruiter

    To answer the question "why" use this social network, there are several convincing arguments. First of all, it's free and has thousands of users, which means your target audience will most likely be there.

    As for the "how" question, here are the steps to follow:

    1. Create an account on LinkedIn.
    2. Fill in and complete your LinkedIn profile using our article
    3. Start building your network by adding people you know or who might be interested in what you have to offer.
    4. Get involved in "networking" by adding contacts, writing personalized notes or messages, commenting on interesting publications, and subscribing to relevant people or groups.

    By following these simple but effective steps, you'll maximize your chances of taking full advantage of LinkedIn for your professional goals. Use LinkedIn filters to research your target audience and ensure you're expanding your network with the right people. The network is full of unexpected opportunities that it would be a real shame not to exploit. For example, I'm typing these words on my keyboard because I found a job at Waalaxy thanks to LinkedIn.

    With over 20 million companies listed on the site and 14 million jobs available, it's no wonder that 90% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.

    What's more, it's the ideal network for business-to-business exchanges and transactions. What we call "B2B lead generation", i.e. finding customers in the business world, is particularly flourishing on LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn for networking:

    LinkedIn is much more than just a social network; it's an impressive digital medium. To understand how LinkedIn positions itself as a BtoB medium, let's take a look at the different strategies it has developed:

    • LinkedIn Ads: this is an advertising system similar to Google Ads and other social networks, based on a bidding system.
    • LinkedIn Live and events: these features enable live webinars to be broadcast on LinkedIn or redirected to YouTube channels, offering companies increased visibility.
    • Community management on LinkedIn: this practice is becoming increasingly common, with the emergence of specialized marketing experts and trainers actively working to build communities and strengthen companies' online reputations.
    • LinkedIn Pulse articles: this feature enables any expert in their field to share their knowledge and ideas through articles.

    LinkedIn has put in place a number of ways to position itself as an essential medium in the professional world.

    LinkedIn Premium! The ideal subscription for generating B2B leads?

    LinkedIn is the most effective social network for attracting new customers. It has been found to be 277% more effective than other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for finding customers.

    80% of B2B leads from social media are generated on LinkedIn.

    That's why some users have opted for a LinkedIn Premium account. It responds to strong market demand by offering a professional network to help companies sell, recruit and collaborate, while helping users stay informed and find jobs.

    There are four types of LinkedIn Premium accounts:

    • 💰 Career: $29.99 per month - to boost your professional career.
    • 💰 Business: $59.99 per month - to expand your network.
    • 💰 Sales Navigator Pro: $79.99 per month - to promote your products and services.
    • 💰 Recruiting: $119.95 per month - for hiring new talent.

    Numerous free and paid tools are also available to automate the use of LinkedIn and optimize network efficiency.

    Humanlinker is an AI-driven technology that enables hyper-personalization of business interactions. They offer a Chrome extension to help sales teams personalize their interactions, including generative "icebreakers" and DISC personality analysis.

    Finally, what is linkedin?

    LinkedIn is much more than just a social media platform. It's a dynamic professional ecosystem where individuals, from early career starters to seasoned experts, can showcase their achievements and skills, while making meaningful connections.

    On top of this, LinkedIn allows you to stay abreast of industry trends and offers access to opportunities that would otherwise have been inaccessible.

    In short, LinkedIn is the digital hub of the professional world, where careers take shape, ideas are shared and collaborations are created.

    For anyone wishing to advance professionally, understanding and mastering LinkedIn is essential.

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