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How to Optimize your Linkedin Profile? [2023 Tips]

Enhance your visibility: 13 LinkedIn profile tips for 2023 to elevate your personal brand and networking impact.

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    Why optimize your LinkedIn profile?

    LinkedIn represents over 900 million registered professionals. So it can be hard to make yourself visible in this jungle of worlds. Content creators, salespeople, media, recruiters, companies - every professional has a place on LinkedIn, so try to make yours.

    For the record, just a few years ago, LinkedIn was nothing more than an online CV. Today, it's a powerful tool for prospecting, job hunting and marketing and a place to share your professional experience. The evolution of LinkedIn is fascinating and has given a massive boost to businesses and businesses in general.

    "By 2023, the days of simple LinkedIn profiles will be over! Today, you need to stand out from the crowd to have a chance of being seen."

    A genuine industry behind profiles has been created. A good profile gives you considerable potential and can open many doors, leaving room for good candidates to be tracked down for significant opportunities.

    With Humanlinker's top 13 best optimization tips, your profile will become a new source of acquisition or more if you wish🔥:

    • More contacts
    • Stand out for a job / Business
    • Strengthens your brand and can help you become an influencer
    • It can also help you close sales
    • People will like to come back to your profile for inspiration.
    • You will appear more frequently in search results

    The basics of SEO on LinkedIn:

    Nothing complicated. In the worst case, don't worry; we're here to help 😉 LinkedIn, like Google, is all about visibility. Think of your profile as a web page where referencing is very important.

    Also, to the search bar, where you can type in information or names, LinkedIn allows filtering your search with keywords. (For example, HR, CTO, etc.).

    1. Choose the keywords your prospects are likely to search for:
    2. Your profile headline
    3. About section
    4. Qualitative, not quantitative experience
    5. Trust score (or competence score)
    6. Often forgotten: Relationship recommendations
    7. Make your LinkedIn photo an asset
    8. Create a cover background.

    Advanced optimization:

    1. Your personalized profile URL
    2. Be active - remember that Linkedin is still a social network!
    3. Advanced ➡️ Create your profile in another language
    4. Utilize LinkedIn Highlights To Create Your Profile More Unmistakable
    5. Creator mode
    "Don't forget that Linkedin is a professional social network with its codes. An optimized profile enables recruiters to choose the right talent, while a poorly developed profile will never inspire prospects to consider working with you."

    1. Choose the keywords your prospects are likely to search for

    For example: If you're a salesperson looking to attract new prospects, you'll need to include in your profile keywords that your prospects are likely to search for about your product, such as "sales expert", "business development", etc.

    By adding these keywords to your profile, you'll have a better chance of appearing in search results, increasing your visibility and business chances.

    Keywords can be related to your status, company, service, experience, etc.

    2. Your profile headline

    The title is like the profile picture; it's almost as necessary, and you'll want it afterwards.

    LinkedIn's no ideal headline, so make sure it's relevant and quickly conveys what you do and what you can bring to people. Linkedin has caped the length at 220 characters, so be precise about who you are and what you offer.

    LinkedIn Porfil CEO Thibault

    If we have a little advice, stop with the catchphrases of this style ⬇️

    ❌ Avoid the cliché phrases you see everywhere.

    While the phrase doesn't kill anyone (and thankfully, it doesn't), some people tend to make things uncomfortable by trying to phrase each sentence uniquely, so I'd advise you to avoid that.

    Instead, a headline that gets straight to the point and highlights your role and workplace will have more impact. To illustrate my point, I've pinned the profile of Thibault (our CEO). You can see in a few words what he proposes, his position and the company's name.

    Remember that clarity is essential for your headline.

    3. About section

    One LinkedIn profile optimization tip you should focus on is your summary. It's a great place to tell your story in 2,000 characters or less. Use keywords and update them as often as necessary to ensure relevance and accuracy.

    The first 265 to 275 characters will be displayed before anyone has to click "See more" for the rest of your summary. Your opening lines tell a profile visitor who you are, what interests you and what you aspire to do.

    Immediately following this section, consider adding other quality media you've already engaged with, such as documents, links, videos, etc. This is a great way to showcase your expertise and talents with your CV.

    4. Qualitative, not quantitative experience

    Don't throw away your experience, especially if you've already reached a certain level (certainly if you've just arrived and you're young with little experience), but for someone with experience in the profession, try to sort your CV to show what's most interesting.

    5. Trust score (or competence score)

    On LinkedIn, you can add up to 25 skills to your profile. Again, including your most relevant SEO keywords and selecting the skills you want to showcase is important. If you're a growth marketer, don't say you're a good cook (we get it). Next, ask for recommendations from people you've worked with, ex-colleagues or employers...

    6. Often forgotten: Relationship recommendations

    A profile with many recommendations about you and your work inspires confidence. To bounce back on the trust score, saying you're the best in marketing is fine, but having people who can attest to it is better. That's why LinkedIn has set up a system that allows people who have worked with you to confirm the skills you claim.

    In this way, you reinforce the credibility of your skills.

    I hope this answers your question! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    7. Make your LinkedIn photo an asset

    Think of your LinkedIn photo as a resume photo. It's the first impression, the first contact visitors will have with you.

    Please pay attention to it, and stand out from the crowd. In 2023, it's a little more complicated to have a photo that stands out from the crowd, but certain details can make all the difference:

    ➡️ First of all, it's obvious, but make sure you're the only one in the photo so that the person understands who they're talking to.

    ➡️ If you have a banner or cover photo, try to make your profile photo fit in by adding a background, for example (very nice if you work in a company).

    ➡️ Shine, the lighting is super important; we want to see you. Whether you take your photo in the sun or with studio lighting, the most important thing is that it's well-lit to avoid people seeing you.

    Good Picture Vs BAD Picture

    ➡️ Don't hesitate to ask others for their opinion. You can use tools like Photofeeler, where you upload your photo, and people rate you based on your first impression. It's a great way to get objective feedback and determine whether the photo matches a professional frame.

    8. Create a cover background.

    If you're not part of a company that offers a banner background or if you're not, create an attractive cover image that you can associate with your profile photo and what you do on LinkedIn.

    Several super-simple tools, such as Canva, are available for creation.

    Illustrator from the Adobe suite is an excellent solution if you want to do something more complex.

    I hope this answers your question! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    9. Your personalized profile URL

    It may seem pointless, but people are more likely to come across your profile on Google with a URL that includes your name, for example. A good URL is just as much a part of good SEO.

    LinkedIn URL

    10. Be active - remember that Linkedin is still a social network!

    Don't forget to share content! Share experiences or lessons that have happened to you, as well as tips related to your field of activity.

    For the rhythm of publication, you don't have to publish every day, some people will make one or two posts a day, and others will only make one post a week. The main thing is to find your rhythm. Share other articles, images etc.

    11. Advanced ➡️ Create your profile in another language

    One includes you might not realize it is accessible to your LinkedIn profile is the capacity to form your profile in a dialect that's diverse from your default profile.

    You can't change the language of your essential profile, but you'll be able to create as numerous extra dialect profiles as you'd like — as long they are within the alternatives accessible.

    If you're multilingual and like to put through with individuals who talk other dialects, this may be a cool include to empower.

    Linkedin Add Profil Language

    You'll be able easily to set this up by attending to your profile on the correct side, tapping "add a profile in another language," and taking after the prompts to urge set up.

    12. Utilize LinkedIn Highlights To Create Your Profile More Unmistakable

    LinkedIn bolsters its users by presenting highlights to assist them with their goals on the stage. For example, if you're trying to find work, you can turn on the "open to work" frame by making it more noticeable to scouts.

    LinkedIn Highlights

    Essentially, you'll include a name articulation sound recording.

    At last, you'll be able to include a connection at the best of your profile (right beneath your headline)—it may well be your portfolio, continue, site, web journal, or anything you need guests to take note of right absent.

    Fair press on the alter pencil on your profile, and keep investigating these new highlights!

    13. Creator mode

    In 2021 (not so long ago), LinkedIn introduced Creator Mode to help users who are very active in content creation increase the reach and impressions of their publications. You'll have access to some exciting features for analyzing your results on popularity and visibility.

    More tools include :

    • The "Featured" section showcases your hottest and most popular content.
    • The "Follow" button makes it easy for others to follow your content without you having to log in.

    Creator-specific analytics and information let you track your growing engagement and reach.

    Customizable headers and call-to-action buttons to drive traffic to your website or other social media profiles.

    Hashtags describe topics you frequently discuss.

    But how do you activate this mode?

    • To activate creator mode on LinkedIn, go to your profile and click on the "Edit" button next to your profile photo.
    • Scroll down to the "Add profile section" drop-down menu and select "About".
    • Find the "Creator" option and activate it.

    Follow the instructions to set up your profile in Creator mode, including choosing topics that interest you and adding hashtags to match your content.

    Another possibility, as on my profile, is to find the creator mode in the resource section.

    Creator Mode LinkedIn


    Don't forget that Linkedin is a professional social network with its codes. An optimized profile enables recruiters to choose the right talent, while a poorly developed profile will never inspire prospects to consider working with you.

    ➡️ After optimization

    Once your profile has been optimized with the help of our guide, you can start to build your editorial strategy to begin to make yourself known by making posts about your company, industry, and skills to convey a positive image of yourself, giving confidence to prospects/recruiters that you are a professional involved person.

    To sum up LinkedIn

    In short, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is a process that takes place throughout its use. A new customer? A new experience? You can share it with your subscribers and integrate it into your profile experiences. By following my tips, I'm not promising you'll become the Cristiano Ronaldo of Linkedin. Still, you'll be able to connect with people who'll enjoy talking to you and be inspired by your profile.

    "Linkedin can be a crazy tool, from personal to professional. It can help you get your career off the ground."
    Romuald Pouget
    Growth Marketer
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