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Place de la formation x Humanlinker

Place de la Formation simplifies training management with their software, making it easier for training managers and providing better access to training for employees.
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About Place de la Formation

Place de la Formation is a TMS (Training Management System) that digitizes training management for companies with 100 to 20,000 employees. They serve clients such as AG2R La Mondiale, Le Bon Coin, Econocom, Carrier, and Chubb.

Challenges before Humanlinker

Jeremy, the Sales Director at Place de la Formation, explains that their CRM was effective but lacked the comprehensive capabilities needed for handling sales promotion within a small team. They struggled with time-consuming tasks, personalizing contacts, and gathering reliable data. Additionally, they needed to improve their prospecting efficiency to secure more appointments in less time while maintaining a personalized approach.

Discovering Humanlinker

Jeremy was introduced to Humanlinker at an event focused on artificial intelligence and its potential to enhance sales cycles. This introduction led to the decision to integrate Humanlinker into their sales process.

Solutions provided by Humanlinker

Humanlinker has been instrumental in identifying the right contacts and connecting with them effectively. Whether dealing with partner opportunities or demo requests, Humanlinker ensures that they contact the appropriate person at the right time with the correct message. This capability has streamlined their sales process and made daily prospect interactions more efficient.

Impact of Humanlinker

Since implementing Humanlinker, Place de la Formation has seen a significant transformation in its sales operations. The tool has increased the number of appointments they secure, improved the quality of their interactions, and greatly boosted their overall sales performance. Jeremy emphasizes that Humanlinker has been a key factor in achieving these improvements by providing the necessary tools to handle sales promotion tasks more efficiently and effectively.


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