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Personalized prospecting reinvented with AI

Humanlinker is a leading generative AI platform that helps sales teams generate and convert more pipeline through AI-powered personalization.

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How Humanlinker works

Humanlinker combines AI with personalized sales outreach
to help you supercharge your pipeline and close more deals.

at scale

All it takes is one click to create hundreds of AI generated sequences from A to Z. From outreach emails to LinkedIn invitations, compose personalized messages that stick the landing in a matter of seconds.
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AI Sequences Campaigns

The best of Sales Automation

Put your outreach on autopilot with the best of sales automation coupled with the power of hyper-personalization via AI. Connect with as many prospects as possible each week with our automated system for sending emails, invitations, messages, and comments on Linkedin.
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AI Multichannel Engagement
AI SALES copywriting

Personalized sales copywriting at your fingertips

Engage your 1to1 prospects in seconds with the highest level of personalization thanks to our hyper-contextualized sales copywriting, including icebreakers and AI-generated comments for LinkedIn.
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DISC Personality Analysis

Understand your prospects with DISC Personality Analysis

Discover the inherent personality traits of your prospects and receive instant recommendations on how to effectively communicate, establish trust, and negotiate with them.
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Dashboard from Humanlinker, we see DISC and do&dont

All the informations about your prospect in one place

We save you significant time by automating the search for information about your prospects and their companies. To give you actionable insights and improve the quality of messaging through AI.
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360 prospect analysis
Understand your prospects better than they do
Humanlinker Data Intel

Understand your prospects better than they do

Because data is the key to hyper-personalization, we analyze tons of data points about each prospect to help AI algorithms have maximum context about your prospect to better engage with them.
360 Company Analysis
Every day we analyze your company prospect strategic intiatives, news, social activity, buying signals, financial information, HR evolution etc.
360 Prospect Analysis
Every day we analyze your prospect social activity, web activity (podcast, webinars, videos), and also his DISC Personality analysis to better understand the way to interact with him.
Humanlinker Copywriting Engine

Engage your prospect with the highest level of personalization

By giving to AI a deep context of every prospects we can generate impactful & ultra-persononalized messages to put your outbound motion in autopilot.
Bulk Campaign Generation
Engage hundreds of news prospects with personalized sequences in seconds.
1to1 AI Sales Copywriting
Uniquely engage each prospect via email or LinkedIn with AI.

Get more positive replies and book more meetings

Be a part of the revolution: AI & personalization.
Prospect with Humanlinker.
Quality vs quantity
With Humanlinker, you won't have to sacrifice one for the other:
in 2024, AI makes personalized prospecting possible on a massive scale.
Quality vs quantity
Send 100% tailored AI sequences to your targets in one click!
AI Sequences multichannel
Boost the performance of your prospecting campaigns with an unlimited number of sequences written by AI.
Personalize interactions in seconds
Send high-impact messages that take into account the context of your prospect and their business, and respect their communication preferences.
Asset from Humamlinker AI Generative, exemple of an email template
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Connected to your favorite tools

All your sales teams are committed to working seamlessly and aligning towards your ultimate goal. Their unwavering efficiency is key to growing revenue.

Hear it from our customers

Stéphane RONTEIX Floween

Humanlinker allows us to execute customer acquisition campaigns by skillfully combining LinkedIn/email and phone prospecting. It has quickly become our tool of choice for hyper-personalized prospecting.

Stephane Ronteix

CEO Citizen Call

CS Outsourcing


Sebastien Le Carpentier

Humanlinker is a must-have for those who believe in the power of hyper-personalization. With just a few clicks, it revolutionizes your sales approach thanks to intelligent personalization and effective use of AI, guaranteeing precious time savings.

Sebastien Le Carpentier

Head of Sales at Platana

CS Software


Jérémy Guigner

Humanlinker takes prospecting to the next level, offering an intuitive, easy-to-use solution.
By effectively solving the challenges associated with writing emails to prospects, Humanlinker enables advanced personalization, adapting perfectly to each contact.

Jeremy Guigner

Sales and Alliances Director at TMS

HR Software


Pierre Maillot Picture

Humanlinker allows us to accelerate the personalization of messages sent to our prospects, making our content more relevant and illustrating the value of our solution to our customers.

Pierre Maillot


AI & Big Data



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The Chrome extension allows you to take the first step towards highly personalized prospecting, enabling you to better understand your prospects. The extension is the ideal tool for 1to1 prospecting
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