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The Evolution of Sales Techniques: Chrome Extension Importance

Unleashing the sales impact of chrome extensions: how these powerful tools can boost your revenue and drive business growth.

In 2023, being a salesperson means having the choice of integrating tools into your workflow that can greatly increase efficiency and comfort. Ultimately, these same tools are becoming indispensable for several reasons. Salespeople have many objectives to meet, and the more the years go by, the more complicated these objectives become.

  • Find new prospects?
  • Understand your prospects?
  • Contact them without difficulty.
  • Reaching your sales target?

These are all time-consuming tasks that can now be semi- or fully automated, thanks to the technologies available. In this article, which will be of great interest to our sales teams, we will highlight the best Chrome extensions that will save you an incredible amount of time and help you achieve your goals by simplifying your tasks. You'll leave this article with your extension tab full 😉.

Evolution of sales techniques

The art of selling has evolved considerably over the years. Where it used to be a matter of going door-to-door in person, the digital age has revolutionized how we approach sales. More than ever, we rely on technology to find and connect with prospects.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular tools salespeople use today, as this social network can be likened to a database when several million users leave their contact details there. But in reality, how can you successfully prospect the right people at the right time, in the simplest way possible, without doing everything by hand and wasting time?

Extensions save your life and your time!‍‍

The integration of digital tools into sales strategies is an accelerating trend. In 2020, companies spent more than $50 billion worldwide on customer relationship management software alone, an increase of 12% on the previous year, according to Gartner. In 2023, the proliferation of even more specialized digital tools, particularly Chrome extensions, continued to improve sales processes.

The Role of Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are small software modules that personalize your browsing experience in Chrome or your web browser. They are powerful tools to help you with your sales or prospecting approaches. They act as handy assistants, automating various sales process aspects that traditionally require manual effort.

Being a salesperson and having a few people working for you is okay. But no boss will pay you 10 people to help you achieve your goals, so instead, use extensions that will do the same job as they do for 10 times less!

For example, extensions like ContactOut, Kaspr and Lusha can find and reveal prospects' email addresses and phone numbers on LinkedIn, making lead generation and contact more efficient and faster. With tools like these, a process that could take hours can be accomplished in just a few minutes—no more endless searching for contacts and using unnecessary resources.

Benefits of integrations

There are several advantages to integrating Chrome extensions into the sales process.

First, it's easy! Everyone can do it. You're the king of extensions as soon as you know how to use the Internet, a mouse and a keyboard. There's no stopping you from downloading and using them all.

An important point: increased productivity‍‍

The automation capabilities of these extensions reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. According to a SalesForce report, sales reps spend only 34% of their time on sales, the rest on tedious, manual tasks. Automation with extensions can help sales reclaim some of this lost time, so they can use it to focus 100% on selling their products.

Improved decision-makingExtensions that provide analytics and reporting, such as the popular Surfe with a handy Chrome extension, can offer vital insights into customer behaviour while connected to LinkedIn and your CRM. According to a McKinsey study, this information enables data-driven decision-making, resulting in a 6% profit increase.

Another ultra-powerful extension is Wappalyzer. It's one of my favourite extensions, allowing me, with a single click on someone's site, to see what technologies they're using on their site. For example, you can see the widgets and technology used, such as Shopify, Webflow and so on. I've analyzed our site in the screenshot; you can see the tool used.‍‍

Improved customer experience

A happy and understood customer is often a successful closing and a repeat customer. Some extensions, such as Humanlinker, improve customer interaction by offering personalized communication based on the caller's personality. This leads to an improved customer experience and a significantly improved sales response rate, multiplied by 3. According to Deloitte, customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than non-customer-centric companies.‍‍

Humanlinker seeks to do just that by allowing salespeople to get to know their prospects better before contacting them. As well as helping you to know what to do and what not to do on the phone or by e-mail via the extension's functionalities, Humanlinker provides IceBreaker generation tools to easily get in touch with the prospect while keeping his or her personality in mind.

Even more powerful for you, sales reps? Buying Signals!Have you ever come into contact with a company where the decision-maker feels that your solution is the most appropriate to their problem, but unfortunately, this isn't the time? Financial problems, and projects in progress, the company will wait to follow up.

But those days are over. Buying signals say, "Company X you're prospecting; it's time to contact them because a positive lever has been activated". This signal will tell you when it's the right time to contact the company in question and when it's most likely to accept your solution. Do you sell HR software? Company X, which hires many people, is likely interested in your solution.

Other use cases are available, and we invite you to try the extension for free to understand better how powerful and intelligent it is.

Streamlined workflows

Streamlined workflows are a key benefit of integrating extensions with other software.


By leveraging the power of automation tools like Evaboot, a LinkedIn automation tool, you can create a seamless workflow that optimizes your productivity and efficiency.

One of the notable advantages of integrating Evaboot with your CRM is the ability to extract potential leads directly from LinkedIn and automatically feed them into your customer relationship management system. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of manual data entry, freeing up your valuable time and allowing you to focus on more important activities such as prospecting and nurturing leads.

With this streamlined workflow, you can seamlessly transition from identifying potential leads on LinkedIn to managing and tracking their interactions within your CRM. This integration ensures that no valuable leads slip through the cracks and your sales pipeline remains organized and up-to-date.

You can significantly increase your efficiency and productivity by automating lead generation and data entry processes. With more time available, you can dedicate your efforts to building relationships with prospects, following up on warm leads, and ultimately achieving your sales objectives.

In addition to saving time, streamlined workflows also minimize the risk of errors during manual data entry. Automation tools like Evaboot ensure accurate and consistent data transfer, reducing the chances of duplicates or incorrect information in your CRM. This promotes data integrity and improves the overall quality of your sales processes.

Furthermore, integrating extensions like Evaboot with your existing software ecosystem enhances collaboration within your sales team. With synchronized data and streamlined workflows, team members can access real-time information, collaborate on leads, and effectively coordinate their efforts. This level of synergy enables a more cohesive and efficient sales operation.


Waalaxy also offers an extension. With just a few clicks, it lets you retrieve lists of contacts you've segmented via LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search, import them into their solution, and from there, the magic happens: a person's phone number and e-mail address can be found. It stands out in the automation of sequences on LinkedIn, which can be set up with the message of your choice.‍‍

In conclusion, leveraging extensions and automation tools like Evaboot allows you to streamline your workflows, save time, minimize errors, and enhance collaboration. Integrating these tools into your existing software systems allows you to optimize your sales processes and achieve greater productivity and success in your prospecting efforts.

Gadgets that can change their lives

Gadgets are really little tools that are transparent in their use and save your life, like:


Grammarly a super-powered tool that will help you achieve near-perfect spelling by reliably correcting grammar, conjugation and spelling mistakes.


Loom is a video communication tool that allows users to create and share screen video recordings. This can be particularly useful for software demonstrations, slide presentations, or any situation where visually sharing information might be more effective or clearer than text alone.

Here are just a few ways you can use Loom:

  • Recording software demonstrations: If you need to show someone how to use a software program or application, you can use Loom to record a video of your screen as you perform the tasks.
  • Training and education: Teachers and trainers can use Loom to create instructional videos. Videos can be shared with students, who can watch them at their own pace.
  • Business presentations: If you're working remotely and need to share a presentation with your team, you can use Loom to record and share it afterwards.
  • Customer support: If you need to explain a solution to a customer, it can be more effective to do so with a video. With Loom, you can easily record and share a video that shows how to solve a problem.
  • Feedback and revision: In the creation and design processes, Loom can record visual feedback, making the revision process more efficient and intuitive.

Loom also offers features such as recording both screen and webcam, annotating video in real-time and sharing videos easily via a link.


Zapier is an online productivity tool that automates tasks between different web applications. It uses a concept called "Zaps", which are essentially automated workflows you can create to accomplish certain tasks.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with Zapier:

  • Synchronization between different applications: You can, for example, create a Zap to save email attachments in Gmail to your Google Drive automatically.
  • Notifications: You can set up alerts for specific events. For example, receive a Slack notification every time a new file is added to a specific Dropbox folder.
  • Automate social media: Every time you publish a new blog on WordPress, a Zap could automatically create and publish a post on Twitter with the link to the new blog.
  • Data management: If you have a Google form that collects information, you could create a Zap to send this information to a Google Sheets spreadsheet for easy tracking.‍
  • Customer relationship management: For example, if you use a ticketing system to manage customer requests, you can set up a Zap to automatically send these requests to your CRM system.‍

Zapier supports thousands of applications, so you can create customized automation to suit your specific needs. It's a valuable tool for saving time and energy by automating repetitive tasks.

In conclusion‍

The evolution of sales techniques has given Chrome extensions an increasingly important role. Integrating them into your sales strategies boost productivity, make informed decisions, and deliver a superior customer experience. As we move into the digital age, the importance of using these tools in sales will undoubtedly continue to grow, especially thanks to artificial intelligence.

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