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The Best Sales Tools for Corporate Sales Teams: A Guide to the Sales Funnel

Master the 2024 sales funnel: A comprehensive guide on using modern tools at each stage for enhanced sales efficiency and success.

    Imagine turning every prospect into a customer, every interaction into an opportunity. This dream is within reach for sales teams armed with the right tools for every stage of the sales funnel. From awareness to purchase decision, there are powerful technologies that can increase efficiency and drive results. This article explores these essential tools and guides you into a new era of sales where performance rhymes with excellence. Immerse yourself in an optimised funnel strategy, ready to conquer the market. Welcome to the future of business sales!

    Awareness in the Sales Funnel

    In a sales funnel designed specifically for commercial activity, the awareness stage is crucial. It involves initiating the first contact or ensuring that prospects are aware of the solution or product on offer. Here's how salespeople can effectively manage this first stage of the funnel:

    1. Professional networking:

      Attending professional events, trade fairs or conferences can be an effective way of raising your profile. Networking allows you to make personal connections and present your offering directly.
    2. Cold calling and prospecting:

      Although often dreaded, cold calling is a direct method of reaching new prospects. Good preparation, an understanding of the target market and a personalised approach make this technique more effective.

      In 2024, powerful tools will be available to support cold calling.

      For example, can help you find your prospects' phone numbers. Once you've got the number, what will you say during your discovery call?

      Humanlinker, the solution that takes your prospecting to another dimension thanks to AI, is your sales assistant 3.0 to communicate in the best way with your prospect.

      With a simple tour of the prospect's LinkedIn profile and an analysis via Humanlinker's free Chrome extension, you'll get maximum information to optimise your approach.

    3. Using CRM to Identify Opportunities :

    CRM systems are useful not only for managing customer relationships, but also for identifying prospects who have already shown interest or interacted with the brand in some way.

    The most popular, such as HubSpot and Salesforce, can connect to a wide range of solutions to improve performance. A CRM is essential for a sales team, facilitating sales tracking and funnel management.

    4. Professional Social Networks :

    Use LinkedIn to connect with prospects and share relevant content that highlights your expertise and the value of your offering.

    5. Prospecting e-mails:

    Sending personalized e-mails can be an effective way of creating initial awareness. Focus on personalization and relevance.

    That's where the Humanlinker extension comes in, delivering hyper-personalized emails that take into account your prospect's personality, daily habits and experience. Combined, the result is emails that resonate directly with the recipient. The best part? Native Dropcontact integration, giving you access to your prospects' email addresses directly in the Humanlinker extension. No need to search in several different programs!

    In this stage, the salesperson's goal is to raise awareness of the solution or service being offered, create a positive first impression, and lay the foundation for a future relationship. The focus is on creating a meaningful first contact that can be developed and deepened in subsequent stages of the funnel.

    Interest in the Sales Funnel

    Once you've captured a prospect's attention, it's critical to nurture their interest in your product or service. Here are the key elements to effectively nurturing interest in the sales funnel:

    1. Personalized solutions presentation:

      Use the information gathered during the awareness phase to tailor your presentation to the prospect's specific needs. Highlight how your product or service uniquely solves their problems or meets their needs.

      With Humanlinker, you can always strike the right tone with your interlocutors.

    For video conferencing, Google Meet is an ideal solution that offers simplicity and efficiency.

    And for all your product videos, Loom is a tool that lets you easily and fluidly create detailed videos of your solution in just a few clicks and for free!  

    2. Educational content:

    Provide educational resources such as blogs, webinars, or white papers that help prospects gain a deeper understanding of your product's benefits and applications. Content should be informative, relevant, and tailored to their stage in the buying cycle.

    To host this content, HubSpot is a great solution that gives you information about the people who have read your content (e.g. PDFs).

    If you're more webinar oriented, is a great tool that lets you broadcast live webinars and then gives you access to your own channel where all of your past webinars remain available to users and prospects.

    In the Interest stage, the goal is to strengthen the connection with the prospect by emphasizing the value and relevance of your offer to their needs. This is the time to engage them with relevant, personalized information that leads naturally to the consideration stage.

    Consideration in the sales funnel

    The consideration stage is critical in the sales funnel because it's where prospects thoroughly evaluate your product or service and compare it to other options in the marketplace. Here are some key strategies and tools for successfully navigating this stage:

    Always with the idea of communicating around the customer's needs and understanding their issues, the way you talk to them and present your strengths must be completely personalized and resonate with your interlocutor.

    Humanlinker is always there to help you in the complex task of finding the right words and the right tone at this stage of the sale. Thanks to our extension, which is linked to LinkedIn and the profiles you analyze, you will get insights on best practices to adopt and mistakes to avoid, as shown in the screenshot.

    1. Personalized proposals:

      - Tools: Proposify, PandaDoc

      - Create and send detailed, personalized proposals. These tools help create engaging documents that can be easily tailored to each prospect's specific needs.
    2. In-depth product demonstrations:

      - Tools: Zoom, Demodesk

      - Offer interactive product or service demonstrations. Use videoconferencing or demonstration software to give a detailed, interactive presentation of your solution.
    3. Rich educational content:

      - Tools: HubSpot, Website

      - Provide educational and informative content through blogs, white papers or webinars. These platforms deliver rich content that helps prospects understand the value and application of your solution.
    4. Interaction management and tracking:

      - Tools: Salesforce, HubSpot CRM

      - Use CRM systems to track all prospect interactions, including responses to proposals, feedback from demos, and questions or concerns raised.

    5. Social Proof and Case Studies:

      - Tools: Testimonial Hero, Case Study Buddy

      - Present testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers. Specific tools can help you create and present engaging case studies and video testimonials.
    6. Comparisons and Competitive Analysis:

      - Tools: G2, TrustRadius

      - Provide informed comparisons with competing solutions. Review and comparison platforms can help position your product favorably by highlighting its unique strengths.

    By enriching this consideration phase with tailored proposals, compelling demonstrations, and solid educational content, you guide the prospect to a deep understanding of the value of your solution. The goal is to provide all the necessary information and build confidence so the prospect feels ready to move to the decision stage.

    Decision in the Sales Funnel (Decision)

    The final stage of the sales funnel, Decision, is the moment when prospects are ready to make a purchase decision. It's a critical stage where all the information, trust, and interest you've cultivated is translated into action. Here's how you can facilitate this critical process with the right tools:

    First of all, and especially because you've used Humanlinker during your sales cycle, it's always a good idea to find out what the extension recommends to make sure the deal closes without a hitch. And it's always a good idea to take a look at what the extension has to say to make sure the deal closes smoothly, keeping in mind that it's possible you'll be dealing with a different person than the one you've been talking to all along.

    Humanlinker is always there to analyze the profile and give you insights at this crucial stage of the funnel.

    1. Making it easy to sign contracts:

      - Tools: DocuSign

      - Simplify the contract signing process by using these electronic signature platforms. They enable fast, secure closing of agreements, reducing the time needed to finalize the sale.
    2. Optimized management of last steps:

      - Tools: Hubspot,

      - These CRMs are specifically designed for sales teams, and offer functionalities focused on tracking and closing opportunities. They enable you to track the final stages of the funnel, manage interactions, and ensure a smooth transition to closing.
    3. Interactive engagement with prospects:

      - Tools: GetAccept

      - GetAccept lets you send interactive, engaging sales documents. You can track prospects' engagement with documents, find out who has opened them and how long they've been viewed, making it easy to follow up and follow up accurately.

    By integrating these tools into your sales strategy, you can not only speed up the decision-making process but also ensure a smooth, professional experience for the prospect. The aim is to minimize friction and optimize the chances of conversion at this final and crucial stage of the sales funnel.

    Embracing the Future of Sales:

    As we've traveled through the various stages of the sales funnel, from awareness to decision, it's clear that the sales landscape is constantly evolving. The tools and strategies discussed in this article are not just enhancements to the traditional sales process; they are necessary adaptations to a world where personalization, efficiency, and agility are paramount.

    Adopting these tools means not only keeping up with current trends, but also setting the stage for future success. Humanlinker, along with the various other tools mentioned, represents a new wave of sales technology designed to understand and adapt to the nuanced needs of each prospect. From first contact to close, the integration of these technologies ensures a seamless, effective, and highly personalized sales process.

    As we move forward, the key will be to continually adapt, learn, and adopt new strategies and tools. The future of sales is about using technology not as a replacement for the human touch, but as a complement to enhance the unique skills and insights that sales professionals bring to the table.

    In conclusion, the path to sales success in this new era is clear: it requires a deep understanding of your prospects, a strategic use of technology, and an agile approach that's always ready to embrace change. By following the insights and strategies outlined in this article, sales teams will be well-equipped to thrive in this dynamic environment and turn every opportunity into a win. Welcome to the future of sales - a future where every interaction is an opportunity, and every opportunity is a step toward unprecedented success.

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