After raising 2,5m€ in April 2022, Humanlinker just acquired MyProfilia and launch his news chrome extension. 🎉🚀
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After raising 2,5m€ in April 2022, Humanlinker just acquired MyProfilia and launch his news chrome extension. 🎉🚀
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DISC Personality Analysis

Understand your prospects before you sell

Humanlinker gives you personality-based guidance for every email, call and meeting so you never miss an opportunity to tailor your behaviour to your target.

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dashboard DISC Personality Analysis - prospecting

Seeking better results from your prospecting efforts?

Get a thorough understanding of your prospects and the best way to approach them during your prospecting and sales meetings!

Our technology analyzes your prospects' personalities, allowing you to personalize your approach.


DISC Method

Humanlinker is based on the educational research of W.M Marston, an American lawyer and psychologist who analyzed the behaviour of individuals in numerous situations (stress, challenges, conflicts...).

The DISC model, which is portrayed by four components on a disk and separated by two axes :
- Task people and Extravert or Introvert

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dashboard DISC method
dashboard DISC Personality Analysis - meeting preparation

To prepare your meetings

Achieve a thorough comprehension of your target audience and the appropriate approach for prospecting and sales meetings!

Using our cutting-edge technology, we analyze the personality of your prospects to facilitate personalized communication.

dashboard DISC Personality Analysis - prospection

To prospect by Email, Linkedin and Phone

Delving deeply into understanding your target audience and devising tailored approaches to engage them during prospecting.

Our innovative technology enables us to analyze the personality traits of your potential clients, enabling you to communicate with them in an ultra-personalized manner.

With our unique approach, we can help you achieve remarkable success in your marketing and sales endeavors.

Convert thanks to the 4 personalities

Dominant - Action-oriented, positive, factual, outgoing, tenacious, focused on results. Approaches others directly, with authority..
Influential - Concerned with good relationships, radiant, friendly, likes to be surrounded and share his positive spirit. Approaches others in a convincing and democratic manner.
Stable - Appreciating consistency, he is reliable, modest, calm and cooperative. Unsettled by ambiguity, he approaches others with timidity. He can be a stubborn advocate for a cause.
Conscientious - Analytical, precise and eager to understand his surroundings. Formal and cautious, he takes his time to think and decide. Distinguishes urgent from important and gets bogged down in details.
dashboard DISC Personality Analysis - 4 personalities

Supercharge your pipeline with the highest level of personalisation

Use the power of the DISC personality analysis matrix to overachieve your quota
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