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How to reach your quota in 2024 using AI

Boost your 2024 sales with Humanlinker and effective tools for personalized, efficient prospecting. Reach quotas easily with the latest strategies

    I don't need to tell you that many salespeople ended 2023 without achieving their objectives, and this can be a real blow to the confidence of both the salesperson and their superiors, who expect good results.

    The year 2023 was punctuated by a host of software designed to make salespeople's daily lives more pleasant, but you may have missed out on the most useful tools that you really need to have for this year 2024.

    Don't deprive yourself of these tools, because your competitors won't hesitate to use every trick in the book to get ahead of you and win the biggest deals.

    2024 is just around the corner, so get on board the 2.0 prospecting train - the kind of prospecting your competitors won't hesitate to use to reach their quotas!

    How to reach your quota in 2024 🤔

    Your managers is bound to tell you that you'll have to redouble your efforts to get there. That's understandable; he may not be aware of the software that has come out in the last year, or of the tools that could help you achieve your objectives and enable him to have a more efficient team than ever.

    Remember, the problem isn't with you, the salesperson, or your team...The problem is the market and your prospects.

    Today, you may have the best product to offer them, but if you don't take the time to talk to them and understand their needs, you'll miss out on your sales.

    What if I told you that your quotas can be reached by working less, but mostly on the tasks you enjoy most as a salesperson?

    Finding qualified leads isn't really the most fun... Fortunately, there are tools that can do that for you!

    It's time to introduce you to the first software on this list...

    Reach your sales quotas for 2024 by prospecting less, but more qualitatively 📈

    Okay, first of all, I'm not telling you anything new when I say that LinkedIn is surely one of the best places to prospect in 2024. Many leads and companies interested in your product or service can be found there. So, if you don't have a LinkedIn account, it's high time you created one so you can access as many of the platform's features as possible.

    Now that you have LinkedIn, I'll simply invite you to install Humanlinker.

    But why Humanlinker?

    Simply for the following reasons ⬇️

    ➡️ The 2023 quotas have not been reached by many sales reps because prospects are fed up with receiving the same generic emails over and over again, where the sales rep's only aim is to sell the solution or product without even really being interested in them.

    I know, I've promised you to sell faster, and you're certainly not going to save time by searching every prospect's profile to find out whether he likes boating or his cousin likes horse riding. But with Humanlinker, all that's a thing of the past 🤩

    What if the most qualified leads came to you?

    What if I told you that Humanlinker could write your emails for you, integrating ONLY, without any effort on your part, references to your prospect, to what your prospect might have said on LinkedIn for example?

    What if your email was written with the right tone every time? 🗣️

    You don't know it, but your prospect may prefer to receive a message in which he or she is directly addressed. Humanlinker knows this.

    Humanlinker knows your prospect, knows exactly how to talk to him, Humanlinker will find your prospect's email, generate hyper-personalized emails, different emails for each person, that speak with the tone that will make your prospect want to respond positively to you.

    In 2024, I want to tell you that sending emails to 1,000 people a day with the same message is a thing of the past. Today, Humanlinker qualifies your prospects so that you don't have to send more than 30 to 40 emails a day, emails that will only take you a few seconds to write by our AI, emails that will highlight your product and your company while contextualizing your prospect's business so that everything fits.

    A small example? 😎

    I'm playing the role of a Humanlinker sales representative, and I'm going to prospect a certain Parker.

    As you've already guessed, Humanlinker is there to help salespeople with their mission.

    Parker is an SDR at Talkdesk. I'll go straight to his profile and open Humanlinker.

    Now that Humanlinker is open, you'll have access to a wealth of information about your prospect, including his DISC analysis. DISC analysis is the best way to understand your prospect's behavior. To fully understand how it works, an article is available here:

    What's going to interest you in reaching your quotas is writing hyper-personalized emails.

    In this case, let's move on to the generation of hyper-personalized emails: 📝

    As you can see from the GIF, a hyper-personalized email that takes into account my value proposition (Humanlinker's hyper-personalization) and, above all, takes into account a LinkedIn post that Parker wrote. Humanlinker's AI will draw on this post or experiences to write punchy, personalized emails.

    In this case, the email is long, but this is linked to Parker's communication preference, which has been analyzed by our DISC analysis.

    Now say goodbye to those long minutes of thinking and writing emails; Humanlinker takes care of everything.

    So yes, you're going to say to me: 'But Jack, there's more to prospecting than just one email.' Well, you're absolutely right 😉

    Humanlinker isn't just about sending emails! A new feature, one that will save you an incredible amount of time and enable you to reach your quotas at breakneck speed, is the sending of hyper-customized sequences in a matter of seconds from A to Z.

    Humanlinker will generate a sequence, from the sending of your LinkedIn connection note to your introductory emails, your follow-up LinkedIn messages, and so on. But nothing's better than trying it yourself, rather than talking about it 😏

    Other mechanisms will help you in 2024 to reach your quotas. The next one is :

    The power of Momentum

    As we all know, your sales process often requires you to look around your accounts to find buying signals.

    THE SIGNALS that tell you your prospect is ready to buy your tool, the moment you can't miss.

    Once again, Humanlinker makes your job easier by centralizing all the companies in your CRM directly in its platform. The platform will keep you up to date every day on any buying signals relating to your companies...

    Fundraising, a LinkedIn publication, job changes, new offices, rebranding, searches for new vacancies...

    Any signal that your prospect's company is at a time it is most likely to adopt your product.

    What's next?

    Optimized meeting preparation.

    You've got your prospects thanks to your new way of prospecting and Humanlinker, but now nothing's done yet. You'll have to organize meetings until your prospect agrees to close the deal positively.

    Spending time on deals, preparing them, only for them not to come to fruition, is obviously an absolute dread for us salespeople.

    Knock knock, it's Humanlinker again 🫣

    Yes, we don't just do copywriting with Humanlinker, we also help you prepare for your meetings.

    Adapt your speech, your tone, and the way you approach subjects with your interlocutor.

    Some people prefer short, to-the-point meetings. Don't be perturbed if the call gets short; some people are like that, and it doesn't mean your deal is dead, just that the person may be busy or much more direct than others.

    Adapt to any situation so you don't get lost.

    To that end, let's go back to our dear Parker's LinkedIn profile and see what Humanlinker recommends for the next stages of our sales cycle.

    As you can see from the GIF, you're given insights into how you should prepare for your meeting with your future customers. It's up to you to follow them or not, but they've already proved their worth with many companies. Preparing your meetings with

    Humanlinker considerably increases your chances of having a prospect who is satisfied with the exchange.

    The most important part is the do's and don'ts of meeting preparation.

    Just 2 or 3 minutes' reading time to get to grips with your prospect, instead of spending hours searching for the same information. Humanlinker saves you time and energy that you can devote to other tasks.

    You're ready to prospect in 2024

    The strategic use of tools like Humanlinker represents a significant step forward for sales teams. Armed with relevant data and valuable insights, sales reps can now optimize their time and focus on more qualified leads. Thanks to social selling strategies and data-driven operations, sales reps are better equipped to understand and respond to their customers' needs.

    This customer-centric approach, supported by effective CRM and enablement tools such as HubSpot, transforms the sales process, making customer interactions more relevant and personal. By focusing on targeted marketing content and using personalized emails, sales teams can dramatically improve their performance, increasing revenues and reaching their quotas more effectively.

    Companies that adopt these data-driven strategies and rely on sales enablement tools are ahead of the competition. By understanding the importance of these tools and strategies, sales leaders can establish more effective sales plans, improve the efficiency of sales operations, and ultimately ensure better achievement of business objectives.

    In short, for sales professionals, integrating these tools and strategies is the key to reaching the top in 2024. By focusing their efforts on good social selling practices, using data to fuel their strategies, and implementing effective sales processes, sales teams can not only meet but exceed their quotas, guaranteeing long-term success for their company and themselves.

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