Lemlist integration

The killing combo for your personalized outreach

When the best of AI personalization meets
the best of sales automation.


No more endless workflows

Stop the time-consuming task of extracting contacts from Linkedin, enriching them, creating impactful copywriting and putting them on your Lemlist Account.
Free Tial For Life Humanlinker
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Try Humanlinker Sequences
Select your contacts thanks to 4 differents ways

- From LinkedIn
- From your CSV
- From Humanlinker Database
- From your CRM

Let Humanlinker AI anlyze & enrich your contacts
360° Account Intelligence

- News & Social Activity
- Buying Signals
- Financial Informations
- HR Informations
- Firmografic & strategic intitiaves
360° Prospect Intelligence

- Email Adress
- News & Social Activity
- Podcasts & Videos presence
- Professional Experiences & Education
- Complete Linkedin profil analysis
DISC Personality

- Understading communication preference
- Behavioral components
- Copywriting advice
Let Humanlinker AI copywriting engine works for your and generated thoushands of unique message.
Review & Push to Lemlist

You can edit any step, change the personalization context, ask our AI to regenerate and then send the campaign to your preferred sales engagement plateform in 1 click.
Integration Doc 🇺🇸
Integration Doc 🇫🇷

Send to Lemlist

Send the contact list and associated copywriting for each person directly to your favorite sequencing tool.

Stop wasting time and start using the best AI sequences on the market to generate more pipeline.

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