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Always stay ahead, ensuring no sales opportunity slips by

With Humanlinker, effortlessly populate your sales pipeline. Receive instant notifications for new signals from target accounts, ensuring you never overlook a prospective sale.
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Never miss a sales opportunity
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HUmanlinker Features

Don't miss any key information on meeting preparation

Eliminate guesswork and elevate your meeting preparations with the latest contact and account news, setting yourself apart from competitors.
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Sales intent detection
Free Tial For Life Humanlinker
Time saving
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Receive relevant alerts on your pipeline

Company funding is a crucial buying signal to track, as an influx of support from investors indicates growth and a larger budget.
LinkedIn publications
Their presence online and their interactions with relevant content can let you know when they’ll respond positively to a message, call or email.
Job changes
When there are changes in management roles, it can be a good opportunity for sales. New team members introduces fresh objectives, new methods, and different viewpoints to the organization.
Redundancy plan
By strategically planning potential workforce adjustments, you can be surgical about your prospecting.
Number of open positions
Hiring in progress can also indicate that the company is growing and expanding, signaling that they have the resources and need to invest in new solutions.
Partnership announcement
By identifying companies making key partnerships with other companies, you can form a customized business approach.
New office
The opening of a new office typically signals a period of growth and investment for a company, indicating a myriad of opportunities for service providers and potential partners.
New event
Events provide opportunities for attendees to learn about new products, services, and trends in their field, which means that a prospect participating in these events is likely to be open to learning about new solutions that can help their business.
New branding
A new branding initiative often reflects a company's evolution and renewed vision, presenting opportunities for vendors, media partners, and stakeholders to engage in fresh and meaningful ways.
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