We truly believe in the importance of human relationships in Sales

Humanlinker’s mission is to make it possible for our users to build trust and solid, long-term relationships at scale with their prospects and customers.

Thibault Brioland et Régis ViarreThibault Brioland et Régis Viarre
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Created in 2020 in Montpellier by Thibault Brioland and Régis Viarre,
Humanlinker is the result of a simple idea:“People buy from People”.
This ideal is still true in the digital age.
We are truly convinced of the importance of a human connection in sales.

Humanlinker is a RevTech Start-up developing a wonderful desktop application allowing fast-growing companies to align revenue teams around an account & human-based strategy.

Thibault Brioland

CEO & Co-Founder

Thibault has more than 10 years of significant experience in Sales & Marketing in AdTech/MarTech & SaaS. After starting his career in door-to-door sales (joinery), he jumped into the digital ecosystem as part of multiple start-ups and in a large company (Mercedes-Benz France).

He also actively participated in the development of a French AdTech Start-up : Fidzup (Location-based Marketing) during the scaling period. In 2019 he created a first company specialized in Sales Consulting for early stage start-ups.

He met Régis his co-founder during this experience thanks to a VC firm.

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Thibault Brioland, Co-Fondateur Humanlinker
Régis Viarre, Co-Fondateur Humanlinker
Régis Viarre

CTO & Co-founder

With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Regis has participated in the construction of numerous Saas projects for software publishers or startups in the acceleration phase.

As the creator of several engineering companies specialized in disruptive technologies, he structured and managed their sales strategies.

After meeting Thibault, the duo’s common desire to create software capable of revolutionizing revenue generation gave rise to Humanlinker.

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