Territory Management

Organize your team to drive
them to success

Structure your team to help them focus on the highest priority account without overlapping with other team members. Analyze and manage the workload of each sales rep and anticipate future hiring.

Painful situations…

of Salesperson’s work time is focused on tasks before the 1st Meeting
11 to 18
touchpoints to generate a strategic meeting with a buying group member
Struggling to define priorities between accounts?  
Lack of visibility into the performance and activities of each sales rep?
Spending time on CRM to analyze performance and workload?
Tired of managing overlaps between accounts in your team?
Analyze the territories of every rep
Understand the workload of each of your Sales
No more time on Excel. Compare the totality of the addressed companies in the blink of an eye and then compare the performance of each sale.  
Simplify the Assignment of each Sale
Make strategic decisions about which territories deserve the most focus and gain clear visibility into the performance and activities of each territory.
Add Inherited Account Assignment Rules
Organize your territory, and keep reps focused on their leads. Quickly anticipate account re-attributions when someone leaves the company or moves to another position.
Define quarterly priorities for every rep
Give your team clarity around who owns which territories
Give visibility to the different business units and offer them the data they deserve without digging into the CRM. Prevent confusion and missed opportunities by giving key permissions to assigned territories. 
Optimize territories for better focus
Provide clarity towards who owns what by defining tiering between accounts. Tiering will allow you to prioritize your actions according to their classification.
Predict account attribution and hiring optimization
You will be able to plan future recruitments and see what the focus of the next quarter will be by quickly identifying the territories that are short of the workforce.