Playbook Deployment

Build the strongest strategies
to boost revenue generation

 Humanlinker assists you in aligning your revenue team to your different ideal customer profiles, relevant personas and buying group members.

Painful situations…
of Salesperson’s work time is focused on tasks before the 1st Meeting
11 to 18
touchpoints to generate a strategic meeting with a buying group member
Are you struggling to guide your revenue team into success?
Are you tired of building & updating your revenue strategy inside slides?
Is your prospecting not aligned with the strategy and ICP fixed?

Create your Ideal Customer Profile

Get a detailed view of your ICP for all your teams

By creating ICPs, you allow your team to understand the general picture of what the best accounts are. And all the teams can develop measurable strategies that convert these top buyers.

A single view that shows all the information you need

No more hassles of looking through multiple slides or using Notion, to find what you're looking for. With Humanlinker, you have all the information at a glance and at just a click away!

Unite all your teams around a common goal

Forget errors in marketing targeting or commercial prospecting. Start by defining who your customers are and what they need. Create a detailed profile for each one so you can better serve them.

Create your Persona Buyer

Advanced personae builder 

Our personae builder allows you to see all your target clients at a glance, together with all pertinent data. Embedded persona builder helps your team stay on track.

Manipulate your persona with ease

Don’t just visualize your personae and handle them in the most convenient way possible. With Humanlinker, your business teams can analyse and organize personae through a straightforward interface.

Better alignment between Market & Sales

Make sure you never receive a slack from a sales asking “ This is our target? ” ever again. All your team is aligned to work on the same target.