Persona Detection

Spend time selling and
not searching for prospects on LinkedIn

All the contacts you need to speak with right at your fingertips. Be focused on a valuable task, automatically fill your CRM, and grow your pipeline.

Painful situations…
of Salesperson’s work time is focused on tasks before the 1st Meeting
11 to 18
touchpoints to generate a strategic meeting with a buying group member
Spending too much time crawling LinkedIn to identify the right stakeholders?

No more time wasted on searching for contacts

Automatic detection of the right stakeholders

No more searching on LinkedIn and your CRM to check the correct stakeholders. Based on your ICPs and intelligent job title mapping, we detect for you the perfect person to speak with.

Based on your ICP, discover new opportunities that fit your Personae buyer

Humanlinker analyses billions of interactions and builds a highly accurate model of whom you should contact thanks to intelligent job title mapping on your selection of personas and right to your sales strategy.

Be proactive, not reactive

With our buying signals, you can approach them correctly. Learn what topics they are interested in, research, and see if they interact with competitors to engage them.