People Intelligence

Get access to 360° people intelligence

All the information you need on your prospects at your fingertips. Analyse in depth how to build a trusted relationship with your potential buyers.

Painful situations…
of Salesperson’s work time is focused on tasks before the 1st Meeting
11 to 18
touchpoints to generate a strategic meeting with a buying group member
Struggling to find key information between multiple sources about your contacts? 
Spending too much time identifying who is the best person to speak with?
Struggling to understand the behaviours of your prospect is difficult.
Monitoring content in which your prospect is mentioned is painful.

Access to a complete overview of your prospect from one place

Get accurate information on your contact

Our AI engine gives you access to the right contact information you need to quickly engage (GDPR email addresses, phone numbers, direct links to social media). Direct access to description, professional experiences and strong common connections. 

Keep up to date with content related to your prospect across the web

Humanlinker crawls multiple sources to extract content in which your contact is mentioned (social news, interviews, podcast intervention). Don't be drowned by the mass of information. Receive alerts when there is something new.

Highly tailored engagement thanks to laser-focused information and insights

Build a personalized approach in seconds

No more generic templates. Use our information to create personalized icebreakers or content that resonate with your contacts. Generating the perfect email or sales presentation takes just a few clicks.

Don't make any more lousy cold calls

Sales teams need to find the right prospect quickly and efficiently. Humanlinker provides you with all the information you need from the first contact. Make high-quality prospecting calls and never waste time again!

Don't waste your time on guesswork

Know everything about your prospect to engage wisely. Make sure that what you say is relevant and personal. Avoid blind interactions; find the best time to reach out to your prospect by analysing their social media activity.