LinkedIn Plug-in

The Power of your CRM
directly inside LinkedIn

Humanlinker assists you in better managing the synchronization of LinkedIn to your CRM by effortlessly adding leads and increasing productivity by integrating data into your CRM. 

Painful situations…

of Salesperson’s work time is focused on tasks before the 1st Meeting
11 to 18
touchpoints to generate a strategic meeting with a buying group member
Tired of checking if the data is in your CRM when you're browsing LinkedIn?
Do you have trouble synchronizing your LinkedIn data on CRM?
Spending hours doing repetitive tasks between your tabs LinkedIn and CRM?
Are you tired of losing too much time on low-added-value tasks?
A clear vision of what happened in your CRM inside LinkedIn
Synchronizes only if the data is not in the CRM -> No more duplicates
Organizing your data seems like a simple task. But you must consider the different data sources and multiple users to enroll the data cleanly into your CRM while keeping the desired data fresh.
Advanced deduplication system
Is duplicate data weighing down your systems? With Humanlinker, the problems associated with duplication are a thing of the past.
Extreme time savings
Focus on what you need to do rather than what should be done automatically. Humanlinker helps you prioritize your activities and stop spending time on manual enrichment.
One click account enrichment
Unbeatable efficiency for significant accounts/subsidiaries
Humanlinker has created a unique workflow to detect the account's parent in seconds without the frustration of constantly searching on the CRM if the account exists or having to copy-paste data.
Manipulate your persona with ease
Don’t just visualize your personas and handle them in the most convenient way possible. With Humanlinker, your business teams can analyse and organize personas through a straightforward interface.
One click contact enrichment
Synchronize Contact data
Move data from your LinkedIn to your CRM with one click! There will be no more tab switching or copy-paste problems to fix and you will gain time and productivity. 
Direct contact enrichment
No more missing data. Our AI Engine automatically updates your CRM on all needed data:
> Emails - Phone numbers - Job Titles - Names - Addresses